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Kissed has a simple mission, local, fresh, and delicious.

All of our ingredients are sourced in Ontario. Our garlic, non-GMO sunflower oil, and Niagara vinegar give it a fresh, lip-smacking flavour that can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

Preservative Free




Kissed Paprika Dressing is a staple in my kitchen. It's so fresh and flavourful and goes with so many different kinds of meals.

Carlin D.

I love how the flavour doesn't take away from a more classic olive oil based vinaigrette, but adds that extra paprika flavour to make it more exciting.

Matt K.

Kissed is delicious! I love how the ingredients are both vegan and locally-sourced. It far exceeded my expectations.

Nicole B.

It tastes like health in a bottle!

The Gut Gazette

This dressing is so tasty and made with really great local ingredients. I like adding Kissed to my avocado toast in the morning or using it as a dip for my sandwiches!

Paige S.