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Our mission is simple: to build a unique, purpose driven company that makes fresh, bold food with no preservatives, using fresh local ingredients that are vegan and non-GMO, made in small batches and crafted with love.

I'm Amanda, and this is my husband Jeff, and daughter, Sophie. I grew up in Zambia on locally grown food and meals made totally from unprocessed ingredients. While it seemed so unsophisticated then I now know what a luxury it really was. Our food was free of engineered chemicals, taste enhancers and sugar syrups and it was absolutely delicious!

When I moved to Toronto I found that although it was easier to cook using prepared foods it was difficult to find ones without a long list of unknown ingredients. 

The prepared foods industry is massive, with huge multi-nationals dominating shelf space in the supermarkets.

We knew something was missing, and that was a line of bold, fresh products that are preservative free made from locally-sourced ingredients that are vegan and non-GMO.

We created Kissed Foods to echo my childhood way of life.

Foods made with fresh local ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial taste enhancers, minimally processed where it is the fresh ingredients that impart bold, fresh flavours.